Notch Hill Organic

Certified Organic Farm in Sorrento, BC

I’m not a dog, why would I WWOOF?


WWOOFing is not about dogs, WWOOFing is about supporting agriculture, learning about farms and farming families and some of the most amazing travel opportunities in the world.

WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms and it is an informal volunteer network throughout the world with large chapters in Canada, the U.S. all European countries, most Commonwealth countries and many exotic locals. Just google WWOOF to find out where the offices are.

To WWOOF you commit to providing your labour in exchange for room and board at farms anywhere in the WWOOF network, as it is informal the expectations and accomodation will vary and you will need to make the arrangements with the farmer yourself but it gives those with limited means the opportunity to travel and experience local communities without having funds for hotels or food or being limited by tourist attractions or cultural barriers.

Here at Notch Hill Organic we have been a host farm for over 10 years and during that time we have had WWOOFers join us from Korea, Germany, Japan, Australia and many other countries. We have learned about their lives directly from them as they have learned about our country from us, along the way we have learned that even though separated by vast distances and different languages our desires are the same.

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